For ten years now, I have been capturing beauty, magical moments, spectacles that leave some people in awe, and memories that inspire human beings. These are all done through the help of my camera.

I started as a graphic artist. It has given me the bridge to step further into the world of photography. Today, photography is not only my profession but also my passion and love. As a wedding photographer, I always see to it that the couple will have much fun during those engagement and/or wedding shoots. In those instances also, the couple can share their innermost feeling toward each other. I will direct the couple to bring out whatever unique feelings or thoughts they want to show. It is by showing them, by telling them how to execute so they can be at ease during those photo sessions we will have. By merging their thoughts and ideas, the couple can have their very own “Version of Love.”

What’s your Version of Love? Let’s capture it.

James Montaño Photography | www.jmmontano.com